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    PID # Attachment count CategorySeverityStatusUpdatedSummary
  00045571   Updatingcrashassigned (cirrus)2016-07-26Database update crashes when parsing metadata from MP2 files
  0004556    Error Handlingcrashassigned (cirrus)2016-07-20Crash: libc++abi.dylib: terminating with uncaught exception of type ProtocolError: Integer expected
  00045373   Defaultfeaturenew2016-07-20Don't use locks in osx_render
  000454273 MPDminornew2016-07-17Software volume causing buzzing noise
  00045555   Metadataminorassigned (cirrus)2016-07-16MPD does not recognize "albumartist" tag
  00045541   Documentationtextassigned (cirrus)2016-07-13Incorrect setting name in 'Output Plugins'
  000455311 Buildminorresolved (cirrus)2016-07-12Build fails due to missing ogg.h even with --disable-vorbis
  00043895   Input Plugins - Streamingfeatureassigned (cirrus)2016-07-08ogg/FLAC chained streams not played correctly
  00045483   majorresolved (cirrus)2016-07-07muiscpd crash on FreeBSD after sending close to the unix or tcp socket
  000455281 Input Plugins - Filemajorresolved (cirrus)2016-07-07FLAC seeking doesn't always work
  00038371   win32minorresolved (cirrus)2016-07-05Playing Internet radio streams under Windows doesn't work after 0.16.8
  00045514   Audio Output - ALSAcrashresolved (cirrus)2016-07-04traps: output trap divide error
  00045471   MPDminorresolved (cirrus)2016-07-01L16 Support Issue
  00045502   MPDminorresolved (cirrus)2016-07-01DSD silence pattern" (e.g. 0x69) instead of "zeros"
  000432012   MPDfeaturenew2016-06-25DSD DOP Improvement: Have MPD play a short period of silence before it stops sending DoP markers.
  0004546    MPDtweaknew2016-06-22DSD_U32_LE format support for new version
  00045333   ReplayGainfeatureassigned (cirrus)2016-06-13replay_gain_status is not part of saved status of mpd
  0004534101 Playlistmajorresolved (cirrus)2016-06-13Significant delay after switching songs
   0004540 1 Playlistfeatureassigned2016-06-08Feature Request: Ability to read .xspf files without hardcoded locations. MPD should find the track in the available collection.
  00044311   Metadatafeatureassigned (cirrus)2016-06-07add support for originaldate tag
  00045362   Audio Output - httpdfeaturenew2016-06-06Feature request: add a configuration option for volume scaling with libmp3lame
  00045381   Defaultfeaturenew2016-06-06Please support hogging and sample rate synchronization.
  000451811   Audio Output - ALSAfeatureassigned (cirrus)2016-05-17Can we add resampling option by sample rate?
  00045289   MPDminornew2016-05-17pause command skips minor amounts of audio
  000452611 Buildminorresolved (cirrus)2016-05-07Build error on OS X 10.11.4
  00045246   Buildblockresolved (cirrus)2016-05-02GCC 6 build error
  00045231   Documentationminorresolved (cirrus)2016-05-02Missing doc/include/tags.xml in 0.19.15 tarball
  00045222   Loggingtweakfeedback (cirrus)2016-04-22(v0.19.14-1026-gfc3e0df) weird logfile entry
  00044751   Documentationtrivialresolved (cirrus)2016-04-22albumartist not mentioned in metadata_to_use - option
  000452012 Metadataminorresolved (cirrus)2016-04-21MPD fails to load Opus tags if embedded artwork exists
  00045212   Metadataminorresolved (cirrus)2016-04-21MPD fails to read Opus tags sometimes (if the file is larger than a certain threshold?)
  00039903   MPDfeaturenew2016-04-06Ability to get portions of the db based that has been sorted in user speicified order
  00045091   MPDmajorresolved (cirrus)2016-03-29MPD-git cannot be built, cloned at 19th march
  00045112   Buildmajorresolved (cirrus)2016-03-29mpd 0.19.14 fails to build because of constexp patch
  00015153   Otherfeatureassigned (cirrus)2016-03-26Crossfade during any song change.
  00028375   Commandstweakassigned (cirrus)2016-03-23pause should stop streaming from internet streams
  00044703   Input Plugins - Fileminorresolved (cirrus)2016-03-18Renaming current track's file causes MPD to skip to the next track
  00044913   Zeroconf/Avahimajorresolved (cirrus)2016-03-10Arbitrary IP Addresses are being announced by ZeroConf
  000449611   Audio Output - ALSAfeatureresolved (cirrus)2016-02-28DoP and DSD2PCM together
  00044852   Audio Output - ALSAfeatureresolved (cirrus)2016-02-28DSD formats DSD_U32, DSD_U16_LE and other DSD formats known to linux kernel
  00044982   Buildblockresolved (cirrus)2016-02-28Build error since 2016-02-27 07:02:01
  00044771   Commandsminorresolved (cirrus)2016-02-26Revert 45f6129ae7c2b9904b292d8b6b16ea36e9126a86
  00044661   Otherfeatureresolved (cirrus)2016-02-26systemd unit does not wait unit startup is complete
  00044741   Input Plugins - Filefeatureresolved (cirrus)2016-02-26Can't play TAK files
  00042702   Otherfeatureresolved (cirrus)2016-02-26id3 Tags are not read when using smbclient
  00044901   Playlistminorassigned (cirrus)2016-02-23Playlists not working on satellite
  00044922   MPDminorresolved (cirrus)2016-02-23'Time' entry is missing from currentsong response after stop, play if music_directory utilizes nfs scheme
  00044944   MPDmajorresolved (cirrus)2016-02-22MPD-git cannot be built, cloned at 21.02 21.00
  000390038   MPDfeaturenew2016-02-22Reduce output thread latency for DSD128 on Atom CPU
  000448651 Input Plugins - Fileminorresolved (cirrus)2016-02-19indexing the musiclibrary gets errors with some .aif files "id3:failed to read riff chunk"
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