2016-09-28 12:12 CEST

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    PID # Attachment count CategorySeverityStatusUpdatedSummary
  0004586    Defaultminornew2016-09-28Loading cue file does not work in master.
  00045772   Otherminornew2016-09-24libsidplayfp plays to fast - libsidplay2 ok
  0004585    Input Plugins - Streamingminorassigned (cirrus)2016-09-24Stream plays too fast
  0004583124 MPDcrashclosed (cirrus)2016-09-20unknown crash
  00045844   Defaultmajorresolved (cirrus)2016-09-19There's a bug in src/thread/PosixCond.hxx's cond wait implementation
  000453710   Defaultfeatureresolved (yuleopen)2016-09-19Don't use locks in osx_render
  00045803   majorresolved (yuleopen)2016-09-19"format" option in OS X is currently ignored.
  00045385   Defaultfeatureresolved (yuleopen)2016-09-19Please support hogging and sample rate synchronization.
  0004582    MPDminornew2016-09-17Updating database hangs on when wrong -flac file without any tags - flac files are in the music library
  0004578    Othercrashnew2016-09-11Floating Point Exception playing second mpc track from cuesheet
  0004576    MPDminornew2016-09-06MPD uses glibc sched_setscheduler what is not compatible with musl
  000457111 Othercrashresolved (cirrus)2016-09-04Segmentation fault on playing flac
  00045741   Archive Pluginsminorclosed (cirrus)2016-09-04MPD does not show sid files in zip archive
  00045731   MPDmajornew2016-08-26mpd hangs after suspend on MacOS X if audio was playing if you are using external sound card
  00045617   Otherminornew2016-08-25MPD does not play sid files
  000456711 MPDmajorclosed (cirrus)2016-08-23Cannot play itunes created m4a files with mpd v0.19.18 (reopened)
  000456451 MPDmajorresolved (cirrus)2016-08-23Cannot play itunes created m4a files with mpd v0.19.18
  000456911 Buildmajorresolved (cirrus)2016-08-23endian.h fixes for non-x86 NetBSD
  000457011 Audio Output - Pulseaudiomajorresolved (cirrus)2016-08-23ss.format is overwritten
  00045721   Input Plugins - Filemajorclosed (cirrus)2016-08-23ffmpeg: Could not open codec error when trying to play files
  0004568    MPDminorclosed (cirrus)2016-08-23mpd (0.19.18) does not play ape files
  00045664   Metadatatweakassigned (cirrus)2016-08-15id3v2 tags: TIT2 (album artist) should be read into artist field in database if TOPE (artist) is empty
  000364976 Updatingfeatureassigned (cirrus)2016-08-15Watch newly created symbolic links as well.
  00045502   MPDminorclosed (cirrus)2016-08-15DSD silence pattern" (e.g. 0x69) instead of "zeros"
  00045653   Buildmajorclosed (cirrus)2016-08-10Can't compile latest version of MPD on Raspberry Pi 3 (rpi3) running Raspbian GNU/Linux 8 (jessie).
  000432013   MPDfeaturenew2016-08-09DSD DOP Improvement: Have MPD play a short period of silence before it stops sending DoP markers.
  00045569   Error Handlingcrashclosed (jacobvosmaer)2016-08-05Crash: libc++abi.dylib: terminating with uncaught exception of type ProtocolError: Integer expected
  00045621   Input Plugins - Streamingcrashresolved (cirrus)2016-08-05After PLAY unavailable http://address.to.non.existing.streaming doesn't free memory
   000360671 MPDcrashclosed (cirrus)2016-08-03mpd-0.17.2 - crash when I stop or play more than one m4a file on OSX Mt. Lion
   00042292   Updatingfeatureassigned2016-08-03music directory auto update for OSX platform
   00035504   majorclosed (jacobvosmaer)2016-08-03OS X: Quiet, crackly audio when playing some files on 24-bit audio hardware
   00032098   MPDcrashassigned (jacobvosmaer)2016-08-03mpd on OS X goes silent upon launching Reason, freezes on subsequent pause
   00045601   Documentationtrivialresolved (cirrus)2016-07-29Broken link in documentation
  00045581   Otherfeatureresolved (cirrus)2016-07-29Please consider using libsidplayfp instead of libsidplay2
  00045222   Loggingtweakclosed (cirrus)2016-07-29(v0.19.14-1026-gfc3e0df) weird logfile entry
  00045461   MPDtweakclosed (cirrus)2016-07-29DSD_U32_LE format support for new version
  00045542   Documentationtextresolved (cirrus)2016-07-29Incorrect setting name in 'Output Plugins'
  000454293 MPDminorclosed (cirrus)2016-07-29Software volume causing buzzing noise
  00045556   Metadataminorclosed (cirrus)2016-07-29MPD does not recognize "albumartist" tag
  00045591   Audio Output - FIFOminorresolved (cirrus)2016-07-29Fifo output causing music to skip at higher sample rates
  00045572   Updatingcrashclosed (cirrus)2016-07-27Database update crashes when parsing metadata from MP2 files
  000455311 Buildminorresolved (cirrus)2016-07-12Build fails due to missing ogg.h even with --disable-vorbis
  00043895   Input Plugins - Streamingfeatureassigned (cirrus)2016-07-09ogg/FLAC chained streams not played correctly
  00045483   majorresolved (cirrus)2016-07-07muiscpd crash on FreeBSD after sending close to the unix or tcp socket
  000455281 Input Plugins - Filemajorresolved (cirrus)2016-07-07FLAC seeking doesn't always work
  00045432   Input Plugins - Streamingminorclosed (cirrus)2016-07-05Seeking within FLACs not possible over smb:// protocol
  00038371   win32minorresolved (cirrus)2016-07-05Playing Internet radio streams under Windows doesn't work after 0.16.8
  00045514   Audio Output - ALSAcrashresolved (cirrus)2016-07-04traps: output trap divide error
  00045471   MPDminorresolved (cirrus)2016-07-01L16 Support Issue
  00045445   MPDmajorclosed (cirrus)2016-07-01DSD U32 native mode speed and noise