2017-02-20 16:38 CET

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    PID # Attachment count CategorySeverityStatusUpdatedSummary
   00042261   win32featureassigned (denis)2017-02-20Request for Windows binary release
  00017967   Otherfeatureassigned (cirrus)2017-02-20Adding multi-player support to MPD
  00046543   Metadataminorclosed (cirrus)2017-02-19Track number parsing
  000465211 Audio Output - httpdcrashresolved (cirrus)2017-02-19httpd output plugin, icy metadata Segmentation fault
  00046532   Audio Output - httpdminorclosed (cirrus)2017-02-19configure: error: No encoder plugin found
  00042493   MPDfeaturenew2017-02-19FFMPEG could replace libflac, libmp3lame and libvorbis is httpd output
  0004641196 MPDblockassigned (cirrus)2017-02-19mpd does not response
  000464931 Metadataminorclosed (cirrus)2017-02-17multi-value tags not reading correctly for MP3s
  00046475   Defaultminornew2017-02-17Audio stutters every couple of minutes
  00046513   Metadataminorclosed (cirrus)2017-02-17MPD strips track and disc tags of valuable information
  00046502   Configuration Filefeatureassigned (cirrus)2017-02-17wishlist: be able to use environment variables in mpd.conf
  000464832 Metadataminorclosed (cirrus)2017-02-16Database won't store track numbers that contain forward slash
  00046434   Playlistfeatureclosed (cirrus)2017-02-15saving current playlist
  00046441   MPDfeaturenew2017-02-15better support for streams
  00046456   Input Plugins - Fileminorclosed (cirrus)2017-02-15mp3 playback
  00046381   MPDmajorassigned (jacobvosmaer)2017-02-13Audio playback on macOS (OS X) lags/skips and is unlistenable with Bluetooth audio devices
  00046421   Playlistfeatureclosed (cirrus)2017-02-11loading extended m3u playlist
  00046405   Input Plugins - Streamingtweakclosed (cirrus)2017-02-11Icy Metadata extractor treats all titles as new
  000463941 MPDcrashresolved (cirrus)2017-02-10terminate called after throwing an instance of 'std::bad_alloc'
  000390039   MPDfeatureresolved (cirrus)2017-02-10Reduce output thread latency for DSD128 on Atom CPU
  00039904   MPDfeatureresolved (cirrus)2017-02-08Ability to get portions of the db based that has been sorted in user speicified order
  00045131   Interfaceminorclosed (cirrus)2017-02-08Allow sorting of results of a listall command
  00045731   MPDmajorassigned (jacobvosmaer)2017-02-08mpd hangs after suspend on MacOS X if audio was playing if you are using external sound card
  000463781 Metadatamajorclosed (cirrus)2017-02-07MPD ID3v2.3 multiple values are not split
  00046361   Error Handlingcrashclosed (cirrus)2017-02-03Missing directories causes MPD to crash upon database update
  000408183 MPDminorresolved (cirrus)2017-02-01MPD still stops playing after been paused for a while if music_directory use nfs://
  00046351   MPDminorclosed (cirrus)2017-01-31playlistfind returns invalid priority
  00046284   Audio Output - ALSAmajorclosed (cirrus)2017-01-30ALSA buffer underrun
  00046306   Documentationfeatureclosed (cirrus)2017-01-24Minimal example (with protocol) to use cuesheet embedded in flac (embcue)
  00046321   ReplayGainminorresolved (cirrus)2017-01-23Replaygain reset to off when pausing and restarting music, restored with next track
  00046311   GLibfeatureclosed (cirrus)2017-01-20Compilation option to disable glib
  00046207   Error Handlingcrashclosed (cirrus)2017-01-16Broken symlinks in the root of the music directory on OSX cause mpd to terminate when generating a new database
  000462961 MPDfeatureclosed (cirrus)2017-01-16MUTE is asserted before a DSD—>PCM or PCM—>DSD switch the timing is about 64ms.
  000462793 Input Plugins - Streamingmajorresolved (cirrus)2017-01-14Alsa input plugin holds mutex lock too often, resulting in buffer underruns in the output
  00046243   MPDfeaturenew2017-01-13Support for PCM --> DSD upsampling
  00046251   Otherminorresolved (cirrus)2017-01-12Plugin output recorder : dynamic name
  00046231   Othercrashclosed (cirrus)2017-01-11mpd-0.20.1-1 + musl_libc crashes decoding mp3s
  000387632 MPDfeatureresolved (cirrus)2017-01-10FFMPEG: Not enough buffer size for probe flac files
  00046221   MPDminorclosed (cirrus)2017-01-10problem with soxr multi-threaded resampling
  00037362   MPDfeatureclosed (cirrus)2017-01-08support multiple music directories not just inside/outside symlinks
  00045871   Input Plugins - Filefeatureresolved (cirrus)2017-01-08storage plugin suggestion: webdav
   00046172   Othertweaknew2017-01-07Sid tune log "archive: can't handle archive"
  00046211   Buildblockclosed (cirrus)2017-01-07error commpiling
  00046187   MPDcrashclosed (cirrus)2017-01-06Total crash on play with version 0.20
  00046193   Input Plugins - Fileminorclosed (cirrus)2017-01-06problem replay CDs directly
  00046121   Playlistminorclosed (cirrus)2017-01-03Consume mode do not update playlist
  00046152   MPDmajorclosed (cirrus)2017-01-03Err 404 to apt-get install mpd
  00046165   Audio Output - ALSAminorclosed (cirrus)2017-01-03Volume control dissabled
  00046142   Audio Output - ALSAminorresolved (cirrus)2016-12-27Software volume control gone
  000461172 MPDfeatureclosed (cirrus)2016-12-27External mixer control