2016-10-25 12:18 CEST

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    PID # Attachment count CategorySeverityStatusUpdatedSummary
  000429222 MPDminorresolved (cirrus)2015-01-29[PATCH] Avoid integer overflow in MonotonicClock{S,MS,US}
  00042901   Input Plugins - Streamingminorresolved (cirrus)2015-01-26Remove Despotify support.
  00042511   Playlistminorresolved (cirrus)2014-12-16Embedded cuesheet is not read as a playlist
  00042352   Buildfeatureresolved (cirrus)2014-12-08mpd-0.18.19: ffmpeg-2.5 incompatibility
  00042243   MPDcrashresolved (cirrus)2014-11-24crash when reading zip file
  00042141   Commandsminorresolved (cirrus)2014-11-18cannot get config through unix socket as root
  00040186   MPDminorresolved (cirrus)2014-09-18mixramp seems broken since mpd turned to 0.18
  0004121 1 Commandsmajorresolved (cirrus)2014-09-18command list size is not reset after the list has been processed
  0004110111 MPDminorresolved (cirrus)2014-09-13mpd-0.18.13: volatile vs. constexpr
  00040641914 MPDminorresolved (cirrus)2014-09-05DFF files seem to hang at the end and not progress to next item in playlist
  00040804   Commandsminorresolved (cirrus)2014-09-04Null ended number ranges fail with "Negative Number"
  00040732   Commandsminorresolved (cirrus)2014-08-31seekcur plays next random song in random mode
  000406011 Othermajorresolved (cirrus)2014-08-23endian.h not portable
  0003946    Documentationminorclosed (cirrus)2014-08-12Lack of documentation about roar output plugin
  00039413   Buildblockclosed (cirrus)2014-08-12MPD does not compile on Solaris due to type definition conflict with system headers
  00039235   Input Plugins - Streamingminorclosed (cirrus)2014-08-12compilation error for SoundCloudPlaylistPlugin - invalid conversion
  0003921    Configuration Fileminorclosed (cirrus)2014-08-12should not call initgroups when started as unprivileged user ("Failed to set supplementary groups of user xxx...)
  0003914 1 MPDminorclosed (cirrus)2014-08-12FfmegDecoder reports wrong time elapsed for live streams
  000391011 Metadataminorclosed (cirrus)2014-08-12riff wav ID3 tags with uppercased chunk.id (eg. from TagLib)
  0003909    Buildtextclosed (cirrus)2014-08-12Fail to compile due to typo in CdioParanoiaInputPlugin.cxx
  00039083   ReplayGainminorclosed (cirrus)2014-08-12ReplayGain and crossfade not working
  000389441 MPDmajorclosed (cirrus)2014-08-12compilation error
  0003880    Loggingminorclosed (cirrus)2014-08-12Last song in playlist never logged as played
  00040358   Input Plugins - Streamingminorclosed (cirrus)2014-08-12Problem with libfaad2 using curl input
  00040281   Input Plugins - Streamingmajorclosed (cirrus)2014-08-12MPD wont play Wave files when streaming with curl input plugin
  0004015121 Input Plugins - Streamingminorclosed (cirrus)2014-08-12MPD wont play DSF and DFF files when streaming with curl input plugin.
  00040051   Commandsminorclosed (cirrus)2014-08-12Random is not always random.
  00039951   Input Plugins - Streamingminorclosed (cirrus)2014-08-12Track duration not scanned for some Opus files
  00039925   Updatingmajorclosed (cirrus)2014-08-12Updating database hangs when files have changed
  00039913   Updatingmajorclosed (cirrus)2014-08-12Updating database hangs when files have changed
  000397922 Playlistminorclosed (cirrus)2014-08-12Delete current song will make stream pause
  000396811 MPDmajorclosed (cirrus)2014-08-12Static noise when playing back 24 bit WAV files from media server
  0003964 1 MPDcrashclosed (cirrus)2014-08-12Memory leak in GME Decoder might cause an abort signal
  000395911   MPDblockclosed (cirrus)2014-08-12Pipe output into brutefir (room correction) results in no responding MPD > 0.17.6
  00039534   Command Line Interfaceminorclosed (cirrus)2014-08-12Failure to link with --as-needed due to missing -lvorbis flag after libencoder_plugins.a
  0003944103 MPDmajorclosed (cirrus)2014-08-12MPD stops playing after first played song in a playlist
  000387971 Audio Output - ALSAmajorclosed (cirrus)2014-08-12Playback stutters when jumping to next song
  000405151 Input Plugins - Filecrashclosed (ekroth)2014-08-10M4A Apple Lossless files crashes MPD when using MP4V2 input plugin
  00040148   Input Plugins - Streamingmajorclosed (cirrus)2014-07-29Weird problem when streaming AIFF files using curl input plugin.
  00040087   MPDfeatureclosed (cirrus)2014-07-12DSD-surround over DoP
  00039936   Input Plugins - Streamingmajorclosed (cirrus)2014-06-23Stream play stops after few minutes. While in background gaps during play
   00039712   Metadatafeaturenew2014-03-16Allow user-defined tag types on initial scan
  000388713   MPDfeatureclosed (cirrus)2014-03-064.0 Multichannel Flac does not play back
  000389722 MPDblockclosed (cirrus)2013-12-10can't add MLP files, works with MPD 01.7
  0003899    Buildminorresolved (cirrus)2013-12-10Fix building osx output plugin
  0003889    Buildmajorresolved (cirrus)2013-12-02OpenALOutputPlugin.cxx imports wrong header
  000388131 Input Plugins - Filetweakresolved (cirrus)2013-11-27CdioParanoiaInputPlugin.cxx includes <cdio/paranoia.h> instead of <cdio/paranoia/paranoia.h>
  000358611 MPDminorresolved (cirrus)2013-11-23mpd seems to choke on rtmp streams
  00038672   Input Plugins - Filemajorresolved (cirrus)2013-11-23Playing mp3 from curl input stops after 30-50 S
  00038747   Otherminorresolved (cirrus)2013-11-22Unhandled peaks over 0dB when using libsamplerate