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0004667MPDUsabilitypublic2017-03-16 10:01
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PlatformLinuxOSFedoraOS Version24
Product Version0.20 
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Summary0004667: buffering to prevent spinup harddrives
Descriptionwhen having mpd running in background with a playlist and random enabled it would be really cool if mpd could pre-calculate the next 10,20... random files and copy them to a caching directory and load from there

in theory my machine could spin down hard drives most of the day for along time but every time the track changes they spin up and besides when that happens every 5 minutes it is it's own issue you hear the crossfade and then a gap until the following track starts to play while disk spins up

instead of a large memory buffer it would make sense to copy the next tracks (number of tracks and folder configureable) to a different drive which could be a tmpfs, SSD or whatever to prevent spin up all RAID10 drives

when this mountpoint/folder is dedicate for this task mpd could just delete all files there at startup and daemon stop to avoid garbage

with the settings and systemd-snippets below you avoid any disk-IO and the only remaining is when tracks are changing

systemd-unit: StandardOutput=null

music_directory "/mnt/data/audio"
playlist_directory "/var/lib/mpd/playlists"
db_file "/var/lib/mpd/mpd.db"
log_file "/dev/stdout"
state_file "/run/mpd/mpdstate"
user "mpd"
bind_to_address ""
port "6666"
log_level "default"

[root@srv-rhsoft:~]$ cat /etc/systemd/system/mpd.service.d/mpdstate.conf
ExecStartPre=/usr/bin/rsync --quiet --recursive --times /var/lib/mpd/mpdstate /run/mpd/mpdstate
ExecStopPost=/usr/bin/rsync --quiet --recursive --times /run/mpd/mpdstate /var/lib/mpd/mpdstate

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