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0004645MPDInput Plugins - Filepublic2017-02-15 12:07
Assigned Tocirrus 
StatusclosedResolutionunable to reproduce 
Product Version0.20 
Target VersionFixed in Version 
Summary0004645: mp3 playback
DescriptionI have some mp3 files that behave rly strange: when they finishing its playback, in last 0.5 second or so, they play start of next mp3 file from playlist.

is it bug in MPD or i just compiled with old ffmpeg decoder or so ? one month ago, i was using 0.18 MPD version and everything was working well...

one more note: when i shuffle the playlist, it still plays start of next mp3 file before shuffling... really strange.
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Radek (reporter)

same behavior on alsa and pulse...


cirrus (administrator)

I assume that you have enabled cross-fading.


Radek (reporter)

No cirrus, cross-fading is disabled. i can provide the mp3 file...


Radek (reporter)

Its happening only for some mp3 files and it was working well in 0.18...


cirrus (administrator)

Then do a git bisect between v0.18 and the version you're using. This will point to the faulty change. Reopen this ticket as soon as you're finished.

I'm closing this ticket now because you have provided zero information, but you're still asking me about whether you're using an old FFmpeg version. How can I know when you don't tell me?

Oh, and "priority urgent" - let's see if this is urgent enough for you to urgently finish the bisect.


Radek (reporter)

I apologize i'm newbie with git/c++ development on linux, i know nothing about bisect so it will take a bit, i'll try... :/

just question, could it be caused by old ffmpeg too ?

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