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0004643MPDPlaylistpublic2017-02-15 16:27
Assigned Tocirrus 
StatusclosedResolutionwon't fix 
Product Version0.20 
Target VersionFixed in Version 
Summary0004643: saving current playlist
DescriptionIt is pity, that MPD is saving current playlist as pure m3u playlist without any other informations.

My situation:

1. using GMusicProxy i load m3u (ext), which basically contains only http streams with EXTINF {length}, {artist} - {title}
2. saving such playlist through MPD API I lose everything, m3u contains only http refs...

It would be very nice (also for other use cases) if MPD saves current playlist as m3u ext...
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cirrus (administrator)

How do you "save current playlist"? What does this mean?


Radek (reporter)

You call it "The Music Player Daemon protocol"
I'm using save {name} and later i call load {name}

perhaps PlaylistSave.cxx (?):
void playlist_print_song(BufferedOutputStream &os, const DetachedSong &song);

I see you closed my other feature request with just "No". Is there any explanation ? You should really check google/internet... :( sad. :(

Isn't save/load (same format) like mirror functionality ? I guess that little code during loading ext m3u wouldnt harm anything (everybody is saving {artist} - {title})...

I understand the fix is like 5 mins work and you said "No" because its not "good". But hey, what is good ? to fail in 95% cases ? Indeed. :/

I apologize for my words, i dont mean any offense...
Please consider it.


cirrus (administrator)

You are wasting my time by bloating your reply with whining. Please stop that. It makes it hard for me to understand your request.


cirrus (administrator)

Please write a new ticket that is clearly phrased without all the whining.

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