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0004625MPDOtherpublic2017-01-12 21:37
Assigned Tocirrus 
PlatformRaspberryOSraspbianOS Version8 (jessie)
Product Version0.20 
Target VersionFixed in Versiongit 
Summary0004625: Plugin output recorder : dynamic name
DescriptionTried the feature after compiling 0.20.1 on raspberry. My configuration :

audio_output {
         type "recorder"
         name "Rec"
         encoder "wave"
         format_path "/tmp/mpd - %iso8601%.wav"
    enabled "yes"

I systemically get that failure (tried with flac as encoder, without the special tag iso8601 in the name, ie.e only a static name).

exception: Failed to create : No such file or directory
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