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0004617MPDOtherpublic2017-01-07 19:14
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Platformx64OSLinuxOS VersionDebian Stretch
Product Versiongit 
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Summary0004617: Sid tune log "archive: can't handle archive"
DescriptionSelect SID tune from HVSC and play it. SID tune plays ok but warning in logfile appears. Loglevel is default.

Jan 03 22:49 : archive: can't handle archive /C64Music/DEMOS/Commodore/Polonaise_in_G_Minor_CPE_Bach_BASIC.sid
Jan 03 22:51 : player: played "C64Music/DEMOS/Commodore/Polonaise_in_G_Minor_CPE_Bach_BASIC.sid/tune_001.sid"
Steps To ReproduceTail MPD logfile and play SID tune.
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cirrus (administrator)

So all this bug report is about is a warning message in the log file, which has no other practical effect. Is this correct?


skidoo (reporter)

Yes, cosmetic issue.

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