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0000455MPDOtherpublic2015-10-27 22:54
Assigned Tocirrus 
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Summary0000455: Folder play
DescriptionThe idea here is to change from current play mode to play all songs in a folder (first to last), then return to the play mode last used after last song in folder.
This would of course be most useful when playing random songs, then suddenly deciding that You would like to hear all of the album of the current song. If mpd is already in folder play mode, then it should do nothing, or jump to first song of folder again.
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has duplicate 0001478closedshank [PATCH] playlist queue 



Bjoern (reporter)

Just found the roadmap. Client side folder play seems to be possible with the proposed queue function for next major version.


cirrus (administrator)

Queueing songs in random mode has been implemented a few years ago.

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