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0004540MPDPlaylistpublic2016-06-08 18:07
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PlatformLinuxOSChakraOS Version2016
Product Version0.19 
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Summary0004540: Feature Request: Ability to read .xspf files without hardcoded locations. MPD should find the track in the available collection.
DescriptionI really enjoy my mpd player (i use cantata as client) but i do have all my playlists in the xspf format exactly because is a shareable format but loading the shared .xspf playlists with mpd is doing nothing, is not able to find songs and add them to the playlists if are not hardcoded the locations in the .xspf playlists. So my feature request/wish is to be able to load tracks without hardcoded location like the .xspf files that are exported from last.fm and tomahawk player. Tomahawk player can load .xspf playlists and look track name and artist in the available collection (maybe look into its implementation?) without worrying about its previous location (that is also quite useful if you move your collection in new location or just change a folders/albums name)
You can find some .xspf without to try here: https://github.com/jherskowitz/Playlists
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