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0004528MPDMPDpublic2016-05-17 22:11
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PlatformOSlinuxOS Version4.5.4
Product Version0.19 
Target VersionFixed in Version 
Summary0004528: pause command skips minor amounts of audio
Descriptionwhen pausing/unpausing mpd, mpd will pause to what seems like the nearest 0.25 second rather stopping at the current time slice.
Steps To Reproducepause/unpause repeatedly in rapid fashion

demo: https://my.mixtape.moe/cgqrlv.mp4
Tagscommands, mpd
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cirrus (administrator)

This is an unfortunate side effect of MPD clearing the ring buffer on pause.


cirrus (administrator)

Audio playback isn't that simple. You can't just stop sending data. If you do, your computer will keep on playing for a few seconds, until all buffers have run empty. Users however expect MPD to pause playback instantly after pressing "pause", which involves flushing all those buffers.


incertia (reporter)

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Can't we just save which time slice we currently are on when we initiate a pause command and start reloading the audio buffer from that slice on an unpause operation?

e.g. for PulseAudio, we should be able to use pa_stream_cork(true/false) to have pulse halt audio immediately and retain the information in the buffer (unless my understanding from https://freedesktop.org/software/pulseaudio/doxygen/stream_8h.html#a14e698233ac2d246646651955ab0ec7b is incorrect).


cirrus (administrator)

Of course you can do that. But I wouldn't, because this means massive amounts of overhead, for a lousy result. There's a better way to do it (keep samples in the buffer until it's really been played completely by all outputs, not just put in their ring buffers), but it's complicated to implement. Would take one quite a few hours to implement, and this isn't the most urgent request.


VAMP (reporter)

I think this problem also applies to "clicks while rewinding tracks in DSD DoP mode "


cirrus (administrator)

No, it doesn't.


incertia (reporter)

Ok I just tried what I mentioned with pa_stream_cork and while it does offer better pausing, it produces unwanted static for a short period of time. I'll see if I can hack together a solution and upload a patch during my free time.


incertia (reporter)

Continuing with 0004528:0009948, we actually don't need to cork the stream in PulseOutput::Pause(). The stream ends up with no data due to PulseOutput::Cancel(), so
    if (!pa_stream_is_corked(stream) && !StreamPause(true, error)) {
        return false;

ends up not really doing anything (behavior is the same when this bit is commented out). In fact, with pulse, AudioOutput::Pause() can behave like
inline void

    pause = true;

    do {
        if (!WaitForDelay())

        // bool success = ao_plugin_pause(this);

        // if (!success) {
        // 	Close(false);
        // 	break;
        // }
    } while (command == Command::NONE);

    pause = false;

and still achieve the desired result. However, removing the mutex unlock/lock sequence causes clients to timeout for some unknown reason.


cirrus (administrator)

That's because you just created a busy loop with a mutex held. When you leave the unlock/lock in, it only occurs to be responsive randomly. This change is bad.

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