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0004249MPDMPDpublic2017-02-19 14:00
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Summary0004249: FFMPEG could replace libflac, libmp3lame and libvorbis is httpd output
DescriptionIn case of embedded system it could be good idea to use mpd linked only with ffmpeg. But now in such scenario httpd output with flac, mp3 or vorbis is disabled. FFmpeg can encode such files. Why not utilize this library more intensively?
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cirrus (administrator)

"Why not?" is the wrong question and the wrong target when you want unpaid volunteers to spend time on your feature request. "Why?" is the right question, and it must be answered by YOU (in advance, without actually being asked).


prezi (reporter)

OK,maybe "why not" is weak argument. The point is that on the embedded system fully functional system can be composed of: busybox, uclibc and ffmpeg.
Now you need ffmpeg to make mpd more versatile as a player, and in the same time link to libflac, libmp3lame and libvorbis to let mpd be a httpd stream server. But this functionality be taken directly from ffmpeg, rendering mentioned libraries as unnecessary. Besides, using ffmpeg will let us to make httpd server of other streams: not only flac, mp3s and vorbis oggs. There are many encoders in ffmpeg.


Soli (reporter)

Sorry to chime in guys.
Embedded systems would probably build FFmpeg from source so it's a moot point. Second, when using httpd output, MPD does already support all the encoding formats that FFmpeg supports except AAC. Since only Apples closed source implementation of AAC is of the same quality compared to the open source Lame or Libvorbis, you're probably better of using those for streaming instead.

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