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0003661gmpcKeybindingspublic2014-08-06 00:26
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Summary0003661: Feature request: More configurable keyboard shortcut
DescriptionThere are already some keyboard shortcuts, which can be found in Preferences->Multimedia keys. Many of them relate to MPD itself. Personally i already had those via `mpc` commands.

But there are keyboard shortcuts that would be useful that interact with gmpc. For instance pressing 'q' to queue the *selected* entries is faster than right-click and then clicking 'add'. And right clicking isnt always convenient with a laptop keypad either.

F1-... that select play queue etcetera could be made configurable aswel.

You could take that further and allow for arbitrary shell commands where data like currently selected stuff in gmpc/add stuff in the right-click menu.

Either way, thank you for the excellent software.
Additional InformationFTR: I have looked at entries in this search
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qball (administrator)

Agree keybindings can be better.

p.s. Insert key should insert the selected song into the play-queue.


Jasper1984 (reporter)

> p.s. Insert key should insert the selected song into the play-queue.

That could be a good default. But the 'plain' keys dont really have anything to to, i'd put the default on 'q', tbh.

I suppose that clashes with the 'just start typing to search' thing. But then, that seems a bit too context dependent. I think with choices like this you basically have to look at the whole picture, how you can get the user to be able to do everything quickly and/or 'explorably', and what other programs do.

Either way, thanks for the acknowledgement.


rrt (reporter)

One way to solve this would be to support the GTK menu acceleration changing interface (unless you already do! it currently seems to be broken on my system, so I can't tell).

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