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0000353MPDpublic2006-03-08 02:25
Assigned Toshank 
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Summary0000353: ogg-tremor support
DescriptionI'm not sure when I'll have time for this, so maybe someone will see this and implement it so I don't have to :)

Ogg-tremor is a Ogg-vorbis decoder library that relies integer math instead of floating-point, which would benefit machines without an FPU like the ipod.

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Anonymous (viewer)

This patch
adds a configure option to use tremor instead of libogg.

The change to the ogg plugin code is harmless enough, as the two APIs are almost identical. The configure script is a bit hairier, though, and could use a review from an autoconf guru.

I've tested this successfully on a PC and on a Linksys NSLU2 (big-endian ARM CPU).

Anyone cross-compiling mpd with OpenEmbedded can get the patch by dropping in this replacement bb file http://reich.sdf-eu.org/hannes/code/mpd_0.11.2-tremorSupport.bb

Enjoy :)

/Hannes Reich (hannesATskynetDOTie)


Anonymous (viewer)

Looks like the links in the previous note got mangled. The two filenames are "mpd-0.11.2-tremorSupport-1.0.patch" and "mpd_0.11.2-tremorSupport.bb".


normalperson (reporter)

Committed to svn (r3453)


Avuton Olrich (administrator)

Cleaning up old bugs and found this one.

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