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0003483MPDInput Plugins - Filepublic2012-10-05 16:50
Assigned Tocirrus 
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Product Versiongit 
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Summary0003483: Seeking in APE files is inaccurate
DescriptionI can reproduce issue 0003326 with the latest git version.
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cirrus (administrator)

I don't understand the problem, please be more specific.


cirrus (administrator)

Reopen when you post more details about your problem.


darkraven (viewer)

when playing file compress with higher compression level (like file compressed with mac -c5000), seeking in these files will be inaccurate (often somewhere after the point you want to seek to).

Currently I recompress my apes with lower level to workaround this problem.


darkraven (viewer)

I forgot to add: I notice this when I play ape/cue combinations. Most songs doesn't start at 0:00.

Haven't tested with pure ape.


cirrus (administrator)

What does that mean exactly? How do you reproduce, how do you see there's a problem?

Which decoder plugin is used? Which MPD version exactly did you use? (git commit?)


darkraven (viewer)

Add a cue file associated with a ape file(and the ape file is encoded with mac -c5000) to playlist, play tracks except the first one. The track should start from 00:00 but instead start from somewhere after the beginning.

Decoder plugin is ffmpeg. I don't know the exact git commit, the package was built at Aug 15, mpd --version says 0.18~git.


cirrus (administrator)

MPD does not care about compression levels, it does not even know about it. All it does is forward the seek command to ffmpeg. Maybe ffmpeg is a bit clumsy at seeking.

Can you provide sample files? I don't have any.


darkraven (viewer)

Here is the sample file: http://tmp.rorvn.info/7c.ape

And here is an example of seeking in this file:

%time mpc seek 00:15
[playing] #7/7 0:27/0:29 (93%)
volume: 59% repeat: on random: off single: on consume: off
mpc seek 00:15 0.00s user 0.00s system 5% cpu 0.119 total


cirrus (administrator)

[playing] #1/1 0:15/0:29 (51%)
volume:100% repeat: off random: off single: off consume: off

Looks like it works perfectly. I suggest you check for bugs in the ffmpeg version you use (you didn't tell me which version you use therefore I can't check further). This doesn't look like a MPD issue at all.

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