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0003402MPDCommandspublic2012-01-12 15:38
Assigned Tocirrus 
Product Version0.16.x 
Target VersionFixed in Versiongit 
Summary0003402: behavior of the 'seek' command in mpd protocol is inefficient and not intuitive
DescriptionI'm working on a client, and I noticed a curiosity with the 'seek' command. In order to seek, one must provide the playlistID or libraryID of the current track - which requires first using the 'status' command to obtain this.

This is inefficient when I just want to seek in the currently playing song, rather than just sending 'seek +10' I first have to query status, parse it, then send the command with the song number.

I understand that when one already has the track number this is irrelevant, or when one wishes to skip to a different track and seek all at once, the current behavior is good. But in my case, it's wasteful, and as I'm writing a client for mobile applications, this waste is quite relevant.
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cirrus (administrator)

Command "seekcur" implemented in git master.

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