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0003202MPDUsabilitypublic2017-03-16 10:01
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PlatformLinuxOSDebian LinuxOS VersionLenny
Product Version0.16.x 
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Summary0003202: Buffer entire song/track to RAM
DescriptionWould be nice to enable in mpd.conf ability to buffer one entire song/track to RAM. This would be desirable in use for embedded MPD server, e.g., Voyage MPD on PC Engines ALIX board utilizing wireless mini-PCI instead of wired ethernet. Dropouts due to poor wireless signal can be obviated by buffering the entire track.

This is especially relevant with 24 bit/192 khz files, where the FLAC or .WAV files can be several hundred megabytes big, e.g., classical music movement.

MPD is already used in two high resolution music server (Bryston BDP-1 and Auraliti) and I forsee MPD in more embedded devices playing high resolution files. MPD can already play 32 bit files upto 352.8Khz files.
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related to 0004667new buffering to prevent spinup harddrives 



handsomegui (reporter)

I think it would be nice to have this feature.

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