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0002824MPDDefaultpublic2011-03-19 21:21
Assigned Tocirrus 
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Summary0002824: mpd update doesn't give filename information for error messages
DescriptionMy /var/log/mpd.log contains numerous sequential lines like
> Feb 21 10:32 : ffmpeg: Open failed
These lines occur at all logging levels, and are not accompanied by any further information at any logging level, ie there may be many of them in a row, with unrelated update messages at either end.

These seem to be happening when an invalid audio file is scanned by the update routine -- after I deleted one such file, a subsequent update logged one less such line.

Additionally, messages of the type documented in "http://musicpd.org/mantis/view.php?id=2823" are not being associated with a filename.

Presumably the filename of the file for which these errors occurred should be logged at one or more of the verbosity levels.
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intuited (reporter)

This is happening with mpd 0.15.8, built from the git repo.


cirrus (administrator)

The file name is printed in verbose mode.


intuited (reporter)

Maybe it's not update that's doing it, then. There are some other messages mixed in with the ones I mentioned, I'll post a log sample.


intuited (reporter)

Just uploaded the log file: mpd-log-invalid_codec-clip.txt.gz [^] (2,726 bytes) 2010-02-21 12:55

I'm pretty sure no other clients were running when I compiled that log file. I just opened up the full log file in vim, then did `mpc update`, then copied the new text into a separate file. It's about 13000 lines, which boils down to 81 if you filter out the "Unsupported video codec" lines. Anyway the lines containing "Feb 21 13:48 : ffmpeg: Open failed" are the ones I'm referring to directly; the "Unsupported video codec" ones are mentioned in that other bug report I referenced.

By the way I guess I filed this under the wrong component, sorry about that; it should probably be in the mpd section. Is it possible to move it over there, or should I submit a different bug report? Thanks!


intuited (reporter)

Also just to confirm: that log was made by mpd running in verbose logging mode.


cirrus (administrator)

A log message was added to 0.16.

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