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0002622MPDError Handlingpublic2009-10-29 13:242012-10-05 14:51
ReporterAvuton Olrich 
Assigned Tocirrus 
PlatformOSOS Version
Product Versiongit 
Target Version0.16.xFixed in Version 
Summary0002622: Non-blocking outputs?
DescriptionSorry if this is an incorrect technical term for what I'm describing but I would love non-blocking outputs at this point. It completely destabilizes mpd and it's clients, which, granted, may have bugs.

Here's the problem:

Open a pulseaudio (probably works with shoutcast, other plugins?) output which the remote server is not up or available. MPD will lock up the sound and the interface for about 5 seconds every 5 seconds. This causes the client to lock up, then time out, then come back, repeatedly.

This is also not a good thing on the sound side.

I thought there was a bug for this but I didn't find it on my first-go around, please excuse me if it already existed.
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parent of 0001878closedcirrus Pulseaudio output activated but pulseaudio server completely unavailable will cause skips on ALSA outputs 
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2009-10-29 13:24 Avuton Olrich New Issue
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2009-10-29 13:24 Avuton Olrich Assigned To => cirrus
2009-10-31 16:27 cirrus Relationship added has duplicate 0002609
2009-11-01 16:16 cirrus Target Version => 0.16.x
2009-11-04 11:23 cirrus Relationship added parent of 0001878
2009-11-04 17:02 cirrus Relationship added parent of 0002130
2010-05-29 06:44 Avuton Olrich Relationship added has duplicate 0002429
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