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0002307MPDPlaylistpublic2014-02-04 17:34
Assigned Tocirrus 
Product Version0.14.2 
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Summary0002307: Straight Playlist Listening
DescriptionCurrently, to listen to music, you add it to the play queue or replace what is currently on the play queue with the music you want to listen to. I use a lot of playlists, and when I use the play queue, it is sometimes hard for me to tell what I am listening to. I would like to be able to tell what playlist I have loaded up, but am unsure that it would be feasible to keep track of how you've loaded things into the play queue, so I suggest adding a way to play music straight from the playlist. Thanks for your time and help. MPD is a wonderfully useful program.
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cirrus (administrator)

We have a similar feature request somewhere in this bug tracker.

So basically what MPD should do is remove the "current playlist" completely, and replace it with a pointer to a saved playlist. We're going to refactor the playlist code a lot for 0.16, so this feature may be a side effect.


fixje (reporter)

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I'm also interested in this feature, which is open for nearly 5 years. Any chances that it will be available, soon?

EDIT: cirrus, think this was the related issue you mentioned: http://bugs.musicpd.org/view.php?id=2206

I thought about how this could currently be implemented. One solution would be to add a property "plname" to "struct playlist".
By default, plname is NULL. Once a playlist is loaded from a file or the playlist library, plname is set to the filename/uri. Clearing the playlist will set plname back to NULL. This is necessary to provide the ability of creating new playlists.
The protocol can be extended with an additional command "plname", which returns the currently active playlist. Furthermore one could think about modifying the "save" command to store the active playlist without providing a name as additional argument if plname is not NULL. If plname is NULL, "save" should behave as usual and demand a filename.
In addition to that, plname has to be written to the state file when mpd is shut down.

To bring up the idea of a playlist history mentioned in the related thread: Every time a playlist is changed, a copy of the list could be stored in a directory "plcache" with the filename set as plname_timestamp or something like that. In this case, the plname property, mentioned above can be adapted or one can use the queue version to give a client the information that the originally loaded playlist has changed.
Of course, the history feature brings the disadvantage of a possible huge history directory and one has to think about it in detail.

Anyways, I think both features of storing the name of the active playlist and a history are closely related and should be added within one milestone.

I don't have time this week, but maybe I can come up with a patch next week.


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