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0001839MPDMixer - ALSApublic2013-08-04 23:47
Assigned Tocirrus 
Product Version0.14 
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Summary0001839: Professional fading using cut-in points
DescriptionHello everyone,

I would like to propose a new "professional fading"-feature - but only after saying thanks for a great piece of software to everyone involved!

Now, currently MPD supports crossfading, meaning that the currently playing song fades out and the next one fades in. That is not the way is is done in professional audio applications. These use cut-in and cut-out points. Let me elaborate on the theory using this graphic:

Every song has three distinct points associated:
Cut-In - This is where the sing actually starts. Everything before this point is simply discarded. Let's assume we have a song with a nice, but boring guitar solo "up front". We can simply skip this and come right to where the action is by setting this cut-in point accordingly.
Fadeout - This is where the fadeout would start (if any at all!).
Cut-Out - This is where the song ends "virtually", ie. everything after this point is not played either. Think of songs that slowly fade out into nothingness.
Now, it is important that Fadeout is an optional point! Mostly professionals will not use this as the sing might already contain some "hardcoded" fading.

So, this what I propose:

Minimal spec: MPD understands a (per-track!) Cut-Out point at which playing of the next song starts, no fading whatsoever. Also there should be a "default"-timing of n seconds, which will tell MPD "If no Cut-Out time is given, always start the next track n seconds before the currently playing track ends".
Much better spec: Support all three timings as stated above.

Now, I'm by no means a programmer whatsoever so I leave it up to you to start asking me questions Wink

Thanks in advance for listening,
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related to 0001575closedcirrus [PATCH] Add support for MixRamp tags. 



cts (reporter)

Originally posted on the MPD forum at


cirrus (administrator)

MPD has MixRamp tags, which should be enough for this, isn't it?

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