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0001670MPDInterfacepublic2009-01-24 16:33
Assigned Tocirrus 
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Summary0001670: provide UPNP media renderer interface
DescriptionIt would be cool if mpd would act as a UPNP media renderer. This way one can sync playback between multiple UPNP capable players, and control mpd via upnp media controllers.
Additional Information- http://gupnp.org/
- http://www.cidero.com/
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duplicate of 0001924assigned Concider implementing a UPnP/DLNA server inside MPD 



Avuton Olrich (administrator)

The other bug is a bit more descriptive in what is wanted. Please add yourself to it.


cweiske (reporter)

This is not a duplicate but a complementing feature.
The other bug is about MPD acting as an UPnP server, while I'd like to see MPD be controllable like any other UPnP client (renderer).


Avuton Olrich (administrator)

Actually, this is a really cool idea, if I understand correctly, it would be like using mediatomb as a backend, an alternate to the internal MPD database, right?


cweiske (reporter)

Last edited: 2009-01-24 10:55

> if I understand correctly, it would be like
> using mediatomb as a backend, an alternate
> to the internal MPD database
Partly. Using an UPnP server as backend is one part of it, the other part I imagined is that mpd would act as a normal UPnP client and could be controllable via UPnP - play, pause, louder, quieter, skip to next song etc. Once the upnp-server-as-backend would be implemented, one could even create playlists remotely via upnp.


cirrus (administrator)

Sounds like an interesting idea. cweiske, do you want to implement that? We are currently busy with implementing other features, and it may take a while until we can look into the UPnP stuff.


cweiske (reporter)

Sorry, but my TODO is totally filled up with own PHP projects (PEAR etc.), and my C skills suck :)

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