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0001515MPDOtherpublic2016-03-26 21:59
Assigned Tocirrus 
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Target Version0.16.xFixed in Version 
Summary0001515: Crossfade during any song change.
DescriptionAs of speaking, I found that when you're implicitly switching the currently being played song, crossfade does NOT apply. It would be very nice if crossfade would be applied to functions like mpc play, mpc next, mpc prev or mpc del as well.
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eMPee584 (reporter)

[...] just had a close look at the current implementation of crossfade and it seemingly is very tied and limited to the one and only scenario it currently applies to.. But what is needed is just a reorganisation of code from player_thread.c into crossfade.c, to make the code more universal and cope with these other cases like fading out on stop, crossfading on song switch etc.
Too small for a Summer of Code project, but good as a students job nevertheless imho C:


pastabong (reporter)

~9 years later... any updates on this feature? :)


prezi (reporter)

this feature has no sense

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