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    PID # Attachment count CategorySeverityStatusUpdatedSummary
  00043401   win32minorresolved (cirrus)2015-06-21Bug of ‘SINGLE’ mode? MPD continue to play after deletion/addition of next item in around last 5 seconds during the current item
  00043451   Metadataminorresolved (cirrus)2015-06-21incorrect display tracks names for ogg live streams
  000424610   Input Plugins - Fileminorresolved (cirrus)2015-06-20Issue with full-album .ape files and cuesheets
  00043443   MPDmajorresolved (cirrus)2015-06-20"quality" parameter of soxr plugin is not read
  00043471   Audio Output - ALSAminorresolved (cirrus)2015-06-20Failed to open audio output after booting
  00043241   Otherminorresolved (cirrus)2015-06-20soxr resampler is "very high" if quality is "high" in conf file
  00043801   Input Plugins - Streamingminorresolved (cirrus)2015-06-19Issue 1783 has returned
  00043811   Playlistcrashresolved (cirrus)2015-06-19Crash on loading incomplete remote pls
  00043412   MPDminorresolved (cirrus)2015-05-29Couldn't play .dff by using smb://
  000433211 Audio Output - httpdmajorresolved (cirrus)2015-03-25Opus encoder sends invalid granulepos confusing some decoders
  00042983   MPDfeatureresolved (cirrus)2015-03-24Use both local and nfs storage plugins
  000431121 win32minorresolved (cirrus)2015-03-05UnicodeDecodeError on WIN32 platform for the snapshot version (2015-02-06)
  000425421 win32minorresolved (denis)2015-02-06state_file will be deleted after MPD closed
  00042473   win32minorresolved (cirrus)2015-02-06Database file will be deleted after MPD started
  000430721 State Saveminorresolved (cirrus)2015-02-06Multiple tags do not work after mpd restart
  00042873   Buildminorresolved (cirrus)2015-01-30Android Build: Main.cxx:99 'org_musicpd_Bridge.h' file not found
  000429222 MPDminorresolved (cirrus)2015-01-29[PATCH] Avoid integer overflow in MonotonicClock{S,MS,US}
  00042886   Input Plugins - Filemajorresolved (cirrus)2015-01-29MPD does not see tags in dsf file
  000408163 MPDminorresolved (cirrus)2015-01-27MPD still stops playing after been paused for a while if music_directory use nfs://
  00042901   Input Plugins - Streamingminorresolved (cirrus)2015-01-26Remove Despotify support.
  000427742 Buildminorresolved (cirrus)2015-01-23Android Build: Failed to build boost
  00042791   MPDfeatureresolved (cirrus)2015-01-23Recorder plugin: enhance dynamic naming to use also date and time
  00042852   MPDmajorresolved (cirrus)2015-01-23MPD-git at 22.01 does not compile, cloned at 21:46:48 CET
  00042781   MPDmajorresolved (cirrus)2015-01-21MPD-git at 17.01 does not compile
  00042391   Mixer - Generalfeatureresolved (cirrus)2015-01-16Null mixer is saved in state_file but not restored
  00042674   Buildminorresolved (cirrus)2015-01-14Problems building Android
  00042581   MPDfeatureresolved (cirrus)2015-01-14Recorder plugin should use dynamic naming
  0004271    MPDminorresolved (cirrus)2015-01-11id3 Tags are not read when using smbclient
  000333313   win32majorresolved (cirrus)2015-01-09Windows version won't play OGG files (has problems with
  000426431 Input Plugins - Streamingminorresolved (cirrus)2015-01-06Some youtube audio streams fail
  00042662   Defaultminorresolved (cirrus)2015-01-060.19.7: pthread_setname_np() vs. NetBSD
  00042571   Buildblockresolved (cirrus)2014-12-26Build fails witch ‘av_free’ was not declared in this scope
  000425013 win32minorresolved (cirrus)2014-12-17MPD crashed when ask for playback
  00042511   Playlistminorresolved (cirrus)2014-12-16Embedded cuesheet is not read as a playlist
  00042411   Otherfeatureresolved (cirrus)2014-12-12Allow to find stcikers by given value
  0004240121 win32minorresolved (cirrus)2014-12-12Latest snapshot version of win32 failed to start
  00042335   ReplayGainfeatureresolved (cirrus)2014-12-10Replay gain does not work with libav/ffmpeg
  000423682 Buildminorresolved (cirrus)2014-12-09Fails to build
  00042381   MPDmajorresolved (cirrus)2014-12-09Deleting a song from a playlist fails + wrong song gets deleted
  00042352   Buildfeatureresolved (cirrus)2014-12-08mpd-0.18.19: ffmpeg-2.5 incompatibility
  00038841   GLibfeatureresolved (cirrus)2014-12-04GLib removal: g_key_file_* functions
  00042121   Usabilityfeatureresolved (cirrus)2014-12-02Proposal for fourth mixer_type
  00036831   Playlistfeatureresolved (cirrus)2014-11-26MPD should reset the priority of songs on playback
  00037351   MPDfeatureresolved (cirrus)2014-11-25More accurate song duration/length return value to clients (feature request)
  00041689   Metadatafeatureresolved (cirrus)2014-11-25"album artist" and "albumartist" must not be mapped as one tag
  00042243   MPDcrashresolved (cirrus)2014-11-24crash when reading zip file
  0004215105 Input Plugins - Filemajorresolved (cirrus)2014-11-24DFF and DSF wont seek, crashing
  00042251   Documentationminorresolved (cirrus)2014-11-24The count command can take multiple {type} {what}
  00042141   Commandsminorresolved (cirrus)2014-11-18cannot get config through unix socket as root
  00042054   Input Plugins - Streamingminorresolved (cirrus)2014-11-12not open redirected OGG/OPUS stream
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