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    PID # Attachment count CategorySeverityStatusUpdatedSummary
  00042552   Input Plugins - Streamingmajorassigned (cirrus)2014-12-20MPD cannot play mms stream
  00042466   Input Plugins - Fileminorfeedback (cirrus)2014-12-20Issue with full-album .ape files and cuesheets
  0004159    Usabilityfeaturenew2014-12-19Nested playlist folders
  0004254 1 win32minorassigned (denis)2014-12-19state_file will be deleted after MPD closed
  000425013 win32minorresolved (cirrus)2014-12-17MPD crashed when ask for playback
  00042511   Playlistminorresolved (cirrus)2014-12-16Embedded cuesheet is not read as a playlist
  00042493   MPDfeaturenew2014-12-16FFMPEG could replace libflac, libmp3lame and libvorbis is httpd output
  00042472   win32minorassigned (denis)2014-12-13Database file will be deleted after MPD started
  00042411   Otherfeatureresolved (cirrus)2014-12-12Allow to find stcikers by given value
  0004240121 win32minorresolved (cirrus)2014-12-12Latest snapshot version of win32 failed to start
  000390037   MPDfeaturenew2014-12-12Reduce output thread latency for DSD128 on Atom CPU
  00042335   ReplayGainfeatureresolved (cirrus)2014-12-10Replay gain does not work with libav/ffmpeg
  000423682 Buildminorresolved (cirrus)2014-12-09Fails to build
  0004239    Mixer - Generalfeaturenew2014-12-09Null mixer is saved in state_file but not restored
  00042381   MPDmajorresolved (cirrus)2014-12-09Deleting a song from a playlist fails + wrong song gets deleted
  000408163 MPDminorresolved (cirrus)2014-12-08MPD still stops playing after been paused for a while if music_directory use nfs://
  00042352   Buildfeatureresolved (cirrus)2014-12-08mpd-0.18.19: ffmpeg-2.5 incompatibility
   00042282   Updatingfeatureassigned (cirrus)2014-12-06music directory auto update for Windows platform
  00038841   GLibfeatureresolved (cirrus)2014-12-04GLib removal: g_key_file_* functions
  00042304   Mixer - ALSAfeatureassigned (cirrus)2014-12-03Maximum audio_output_format
  00042121   Usabilityfeatureresolved (cirrus)2014-12-02Proposal for fourth mixer_type
   00042291   Updatingfeatureassigned (cirrus)2014-12-02music directory auto update for OSX platform
  0003888    GLibfeatureassigned (cirrus)2014-11-30GLib removal: iconv API
  00036831   Playlistfeatureresolved (cirrus)2014-11-26MPD should reset the priority of songs on playback
   0004226    win32featureassigned (denis)2014-11-25Request for Windows binary release
  00037351   MPDfeatureresolved (cirrus)2014-11-25More accurate song duration/length return value to clients (feature request)
  00041689   Metadatafeatureresolved (cirrus)2014-11-25"album artist" and "albumartist" must not be mapped as one tag
  00042243   MPDcrashresolved (cirrus)2014-11-24crash when reading zip file
  0004215105 Input Plugins - Filemajorresolved (cirrus)2014-11-24DFF and DSF wont seek, crashing
  00042251   Documentationminorresolved (cirrus)2014-11-24The count command can take multiple {type} {what}
  00042141   Commandsminorresolved (cirrus)2014-11-18cannot get config through unix socket as root
  00039903   MPDfeaturenew2014-11-18Ability to get portions of the db based that has been sorted in user speicified order
  00040884   Audio Output - Pulseaudiomajorassigned (cirrus)2014-11-16MPD deadlocks when stopping streaming play via mpc
  00042054   Input Plugins - Streamingminorresolved (cirrus)2014-11-12not open redirected OGG/OPUS stream
  00041941   Input Plugins - Streamingminorresolved (cirrus)2014-11-11ogg/opus chained streaming not work correctly
  00041959   MPDminorresolved (cirrus)2014-11-10Native soxr makes distorsions during re-sampling
  00042061   Input Plugins - Fileminorresolved (cirrus)2014-11-10Libaudiofile reports wrong bitrate
  00042078   Input Plugins - Streamingmajorresolved (cirrus)2014-11-10Libaudio wont stream aiff files.
  00042042   Commandsminorresolved (cirrus)2014-11-08[0.19.1] When listing with an unavailable tag type, a "(null)" string literal response value will occur.
  00041961   MPDfeatureresolved (cirrus)2014-11-07MPD does not utilize opus codec in ffmpeg
  00041897   Usabilityminorresolved (cirrus)2014-11-07UPNP does not work
  00041831   Input Plugins - Streamingminorresolved (cirrus)2014-11-02redirected streams not working
  00041871   Usabilitycrashresolved (cirrus)2014-11-02mpd cannot be built with --enable-upnp
  00041824   Input Plugins - Streamingminorresolved (cirrus)2014-11-01Files in M38U playlist are not decoded when URL includes querystring
   000414172 MPDcrashresolved (cirrus)2014-10-31Crash of mpd when invocated in daemon mode
  00041841   Commandsminorresolved (cirrus)2014-10-31MPD is able to save a playlist with an empty name, but listplaylists command doesn't list it
  00041782   ReplayGainmajorresolved (cirrus)2014-10-28Some mp3s are played with preamp of 15, when replaygain is enabled
  000416371 MPDminorresolved (cirrus)2014-10-25after updating form v0.18.7 to v0.19.1, mpd can't play dsd128 (dsd2pcm mode)
  000417364 MPDcrashresolved (cirrus)2014-10-25MPD crashes on aac streams
   00041481   Configuration Filetrivialresolved (cirrus)2014-10-24NFS missing in configuration results
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