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    PID # Attachment count CategorySeverityStatusUpdatedSummary
  00044354   MPDminornew2015-10-07MPD doesn't play Musepack files
  00044301   MPDcrashnew2015-09-23mpd memory virtual memory usage increases during tag db update until it crashes
  0004433    Audio Output - httpdcrashnew2015-09-22httpd crashes when playing m4a and streaming flac
  000435673 ReplayGainminorfeedback (cirrus)2015-09-19Replaygain for .m4a (MP4) audio files not working
  0004432 1 Input Plugins - Fileminorassigned (cirrus)2015-09-16not possible fix looped GmeDecoderPlugin files
  0004431    Metadatafeatureassigned (cirrus)2015-09-13add support for originaldate tag
  0004429 1 MPDminornew2015-09-11regression in pid file handling
  0004428 1 MPDminornew2015-09-11regression in unix domain socket handling (e.g. when using something like "~/.config/mpd/socket" for bind_to_address)
  0004425    Audio Output - Pulseaudiominorassigned (cirrus)2015-09-10Volume being reported wrong when output has recently changed
  0004426    Audio Output - Pulseaudiofeatureassigned (cirrus)2015-09-10Per Output volume control
  00044244   Metadataminorassigned (cirrus)2015-09-09Increase the number of usable tags
  0004423    Input Plugins - Streamingfeatureassigned (cirrus)2015-09-05Unified support for Tidal, Qobuz and Deezer
  00044212   Playlistfeatureassigned (cirrus)2015-08-31EMBCUE playlist plugin does not read CUESHEET flac metablock
  00044132   MPDminornew2015-08-29Replacing broken real-time settings in service file
  0004419 1 MPDcrashnew2015-08-28MPD aborts with invalid next size (fast)
  0004418    MPDcrashnew2015-08-28MPD aborts with invalid next size (fast)
  00043555   Otherminorassigned (cirrus)2015-08-24Index 00 in cuesheets are skipped
  00033594   MPDminorresolved (cirrus)2015-08-23Transitions between tracks are are not always seamless - mpd skips frames
  00044152   Documentationminorresolved (cirrus)2015-08-23playlistmove documentation misleading and confusing
  00015151   Otherfeatureassigned (cirrus)2015-08-10Crossfade during any song change.
  0004343    Command Line Interfacefeatureassigned (cirrus)2015-08-07reload config by signal or by cmd on the fly without stop player
  00040254   Configuration Filefeatureassigned (cirrus)2015-08-07inotify the configuration file
  00038881   GLibfeatureresolved (cirrus)2015-08-07GLib removal: iconv API
  000439011 Playlistminorresolved (cirrus)2015-08-05Last track from embedded CUE is not added to playlist
  000439411 MPDmajornew2015-07-23UnicodeDecodeError while querying MPD's status (programatically from python-mpd2 lib)
  00043893   Input Plugins - Streamingminorassigned (cirrus)2015-06-30ogg/FLAC chained streams not played correctly
  00043202   MPDfeaturenew2015-06-22DSD DOP Improvement: Have MPD play a short period of silence before it stops sending DoP markers.
  00043401   win32minorresolved (cirrus)2015-06-21Bug of ‘SINGLE’ mode? MPD continue to play after deletion/addition of next item in around last 5 seconds during the current item
  00043451   Metadataminorresolved (cirrus)2015-06-21incorrect display tracks names for ogg live streams
  000424610   Input Plugins - Fileminorresolved (cirrus)2015-06-20Issue with full-album .ape files and cuesheets
  00043443   MPDmajorresolved (cirrus)2015-06-20"quality" parameter of soxr plugin is not read
  00043471   Audio Output - ALSAminorresolved (cirrus)2015-06-20Failed to open audio output after booting
  00043241   Otherminorresolved (cirrus)2015-06-20soxr resampler is "very high" if quality is "high" in conf file
  00043691   Updatingminorassigned (cirrus)2015-06-19"update" could not work well after I "mount foo smb://XXX"
  00043801   Input Plugins - Streamingminorresolved (cirrus)2015-06-19Issue 1783 has returned
  00043811   Playlistcrashresolved (cirrus)2015-06-19Crash on loading incomplete remote pls
  00043412   MPDminorresolved (cirrus)2015-05-29Couldn't play .dff by using smb://
  00040887   Audio Output - Pulseaudiomajorassigned (cirrus)2015-04-04MPD deadlocks when stopping streaming play via mpc
  000433211 Audio Output - httpdmajorresolved (cirrus)2015-03-25Opus encoder sends invalid granulepos confusing some decoders
  00043314   Otherminorassigned (cirrus)2015-03-24When building MPD without --disable-database it should not give a warning
  00042983   MPDfeatureresolved (cirrus)2015-03-24Use both local and nfs storage plugins
  0001760    Otherfeatureassigned (cirrus)2015-03-14Feature request: lyric and cover central server store
  0004299115 MPDminornew2015-03-13MP3 playback fails after seek
  000431121 win32minorresolved (cirrus)2015-03-05UnicodeDecodeError on WIN32 platform for the snapshot version (2015-02-06)
  00043002   win32majorassigned (denis)2015-02-09adding files that don't exist in database doesn't work on windows
  00043084   Audio Output - Pipefeatureassigned (cirrus)2015-02-06Command run in pipe output does not know about channels, rate and bits of PCM raw data
  000425421 win32minorresolved (denis)2015-02-06state_file will be deleted after MPD closed
  00042473   win32minorresolved (cirrus)2015-02-06Database file will be deleted after MPD started
  000430721 State Saveminorresolved (cirrus)2015-02-06Multiple tags do not work after mpd restart
  00042873   Buildminorresolved (cirrus)2015-01-30Android Build: Main.cxx:99 'org_musicpd_Bridge.h' file not found
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