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    PID # Attachment count CategorySeverityStatusUpdatedSummary
  00039911   Updatingmajorassigned (cirrus)2014-04-24Updating database hangs when files have changed
  00039191   Input Plugins - Filefeatureassigned2014-04-24Add Support for mp4/m4a files.
  0003986    ReplayGainfeatureassigned (cirrus)2014-04-24ReplayGain does not work with mpg123 decoder plugin
  00039901   MPDminornew2014-04-24Ability to get portions of the db based that has been sorted in user speicified order
  0003989    MPDminornew2014-04-23Ability to get statistics showing counts of how many songs for each artist or album out of the total is in the playlist
  000391841 MPDfeaturenew2014-04-15DSD files (DSF, DFF) are not allowing the user to fast-forward or rewind
  0003538    Playlistfeatureresolved (cirrus)2014-04-13Extend protocol to allow client to manually set metadata when adding a track to a playlist
  000396811 MPDmajorresolved (cirrus)2014-04-10Static noise when playing back 24 bit WAV files from media server
  000397922 Playlistminorresolved (cirrus)2014-04-09Delete current song will make stream pause
  00039802   Othermajornew2014-04-09Cannot connect from outside the machine
  000397710   Interfaceminorassigned (cirrus)2014-04-04Clarification about usage of "albumartist"-tag needed
  00039605   MPDfeaturenew2014-04-03Bind file-formats to output-devices
  000394483 MPDmajorfeedback (cirrus)2014-03-29MPD stops playing after first played song in a playlist
  00012944   Interfacefeatureresolved (cirrus)2014-03-18Provide DAAP support
  0003975    Commandsfeatureassigned (cirrus)2014-03-18Specify START:END in a URI of a file for "add" command
   00034735   MPDmajornew2014-03-16OS X: Headset plugging/unplugging leads to unresponsive MPD
   00035503   majornew2014-03-16OS X: Quiet, crackly audio when playing some files on 24-bit audio hardware
   00039712   Metadatafeaturenew2014-03-16Allow user-defined tag types on initial scan
  00015144   Otherfeatureassigned (cirrus)2014-03-07album art support
  00039664   Error Handlingminorresolved (cirrus)2014-03-06Proxy database mode crashes on lost connection
  0003964 1 MPDcrashresolved (cirrus)2014-03-06Memory leak in GME Decoder might cause an abort signal
  000387971 Audio Output - ALSAmajorresolved (cirrus)2014-03-02Playback stutters when jumping to next song
  0003683    Playlistfeatureassigned (cirrus)2014-02-22MPD should reset the priority of songs on playback
  000395911   MPDblockresolved (cirrus)2014-02-18Pipe output into brutefir (room correction) results in no responding MPD > 0.17.6
  00039534   Command Line Interfaceminorresolved (cirrus)2014-02-17Failure to link with --as-needed due to missing -lvorbis flag after libencoder_plugins.a
  00039551   MPDmajorresolved (cirrus)2014-02-10Commit "DecoderThread: pass Path object around for local song files" breaks playback
  0003946    Documentationminorresolved (cirrus)2014-02-06Lack of documentation about roar output plugin
  00022061   Playlistfeatureassigned (cirrus)2014-02-04Play queue history
  00023072   Playlistfeatureassigned (cirrus)2014-02-04Straight Playlist Listening
  0003907135 Usabilityfeatureresolved (cirrus)2014-01-21Implementation of soxr is very simple, no choice of resample algoritm
  0003172111 Audio Output - httpdfeatureresolved (cirrus)2014-01-21Integer only MP3 encoder
  00039413   Buildblockresolved (cirrus)2014-01-20MPD does not compile on Solaris due to type definition conflict with system headers
  00035913   Input Plugins - Filefeatureassigned (cirrus)2014-01-12Opus playback is not gapless
  00019241   Otherfeatureassigned (cirrus)2014-01-10Concider implementing a UPnP/DLNA server inside MPD
  00038851   GLibfeatureresolved (cirrus)2014-01-09GLib removal: g_markup_* functions
  00038831   GLibfeatureresolved (cirrus)2014-01-09GLib removal: memory management
   00032098   MPDcrashacknowledged2014-01-07mpd on OS X goes silent upon launching Reason, freezes on subsequent pause
  000392731 Buildminorresolved (cirrus)2014-01-07Build error with --enable-httpd-output and yp_get_default_domain, -lnsl not set
  0003915    Audio Output - httpdfeatureassigned (darkfox)2014-01-07Bind to interface
  0003925123 Input Plugins - Streamingmajorresolved (cirrus)2014-01-06alsa input causes severe output stuttering.
  00039235   Input Plugins - Streamingminorresolved (cirrus)2013-12-29compilation error for SoundCloudPlaylistPlugin - invalid conversion
  0003921    Configuration Fileminorresolved (cirrus)2013-12-29should not call initgroups when started as unprivileged user ("Failed to set supplementary groups of user xxx...)
  000390037   MPDfeaturenew2013-12-29Reduce output thread latency for DSD128 on Atom CPU
  000391151 MPDminorresolved (cirrus)2013-12-28pcm_volume_dither (software volume, replaygain) - unsatisfactory dither
  0003880    Loggingminorresolved (cirrus)2013-12-24Last song in playlist never logged as played
  00039083   ReplayGainminorresolved (cirrus)2013-12-24ReplayGain and crossfade not working
  0003914 1 MPDminorresolved (cirrus)2013-12-20FfmegDecoder reports wrong time elapsed for live streams
  00039033   Input Plugins - Streamingfeatureresolved (trolley01)2013-12-19Need input plugin for Line In pcm from outside D.A.C.
  0003888    GLibfeatureassigned (denis)2013-12-19GLib removal: iconv API
  0003884    GLibfeaturenew2013-12-19GLib removal: g_key_file_* functions
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