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0002824MPDDefaultpublic2010-02-21 17:302011-03-19 20:21
Assigned Tocirrus 
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Summary0002824: mpd update doesn't give filename information for error messages
DescriptionMy /var/log/mpd.log contains numerous sequential lines like
> Feb 21 10:32 : ffmpeg: Open failed
These lines occur at all logging levels, and are not accompanied by any further information at any logging level, ie there may be many of them in a row, with unrelated update messages at either end.

These seem to be happening when an invalid audio file is scanned by the update routine -- after I deleted one such file, a subsequent update logged one less such line.

Additionally, messages of the type documented in "" [^] are not being associated with a filename.

Presumably the filename of the file for which these errors occurred should be logged at one or more of the verbosity levels.
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Attached Filesgz file icon mpd-log-invalid_codec-clip.txt.gz [^] (2,726 bytes) 2010-02-21 17:55

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intuited (reporter)
2010-02-21 17:32

This is happening with mpd 0.15.8, built from the git repo.
cirrus (administrator)
2010-02-21 17:33

The file name is printed in verbose mode.
intuited (reporter)
2010-02-21 17:42

Maybe it's not update that's doing it, then. There are some other messages mixed in with the ones I mentioned, I'll post a log sample.
intuited (reporter)
2010-02-21 17:57

Just uploaded the log file: mpd-log-invalid_codec-clip.txt.gz [^] (2,726 bytes) 2010-02-21 12:55

I'm pretty sure no other clients were running when I compiled that log file. I just opened up the full log file in vim, then did `mpc update`, then copied the new text into a separate file. It's about 13000 lines, which boils down to 81 if you filter out the "Unsupported video codec" lines. Anyway the lines containing "Feb 21 13:48 : ffmpeg: Open failed" are the ones I'm referring to directly; the "Unsupported video codec" ones are mentioned in that other bug report I referenced.

By the way I guess I filed this under the wrong component, sorry about that; it should probably be in the mpd section. Is it possible to move it over there, or should I submit a different bug report? Thanks!
intuited (reporter)
2010-02-21 17:57

Also just to confirm: that log was made by mpd running in verbose logging mode.
cirrus (administrator)
2010-11-08 16:52

A log message was added to 0.16.

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